For the forthcoming season we have set our Juniors a challenge to set a junior club record in the fastest time .

The lay up is one of the first shots taught to all basketball players from an early age and is the most successful / highest percentage shot in any players armoury. The basic technique , for a right hand lay up , from a strong left foot on the floor of right , left , right, bringing the right knee and right arm up to get upwards motion towards the basket is a technique that is learned and practiced many times in any players practice sessions.

One of the true tests of having the technique right is performing the lay up at speed and whether the footwork learned is there . So we have developed the SIX CONE CHALLENGE where six cones are arranged equally in a semi circle at a distance from the hoop that is the length of a lay up . The player runs to the first cone and a helper then passes them the ball and the player performs a lay up and scores . The ball is collected by one of the two helpers under the basket who ensure that once the player gets to the second cone he/she is passed the ball and performs another lay up . This continues for all 6 cones which means the lay up is attempted from 6 different angles with the two helpers collecting the rebounds and ensuring a good supply of passes to the player.

To be eligible for the record the player must score all 6 baskets . The coaches will run the practice every 5 or 6 weeks and we will keep the record updated and will have a winner at the end of the season .

So well done to the following players who both performed the fastest recorded times , scored all 6 baskets but also used the correct technique with speed which proves the point that good technique is the key .

UNDER 14 :

Callum McFarlane 31.3 Seconds


Karwyn Smith 27.0 Seconds

Can they better there existing records or will other team members produce better times . We will keep you posted





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